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June 22, 2011

#915: Connoisseur


[[A man in a white hat is standing with another man. They each hold a wine glass in one hand, in the man in the hat is holding a bottle of wine in the other. He looks at the label.]]

Hat man: How do you stand this cheap wine?

Man #2: Wine all tastes the same to me.

[[Close-up of Hat Man.]]

Hat man: You’ve just never had


wine. If you paid more attention, you’d realize there’s a whole world here.

[[Close-up on the other man, who spreads his arms, sloshing his wine slightly.]]

Man #2: But that’s true of


Wine, house music, fonts, ants, Wikipedia signatures, Canadian surrealist porn- spend enough time with any of them and you’ll become a snobby connoisseur.]]

((This panel has no border and is next to but aligned further down than the first three panels.))

[[The full frame of the two characters again. Hat man now has the bottle at his side.]]

Hat man: But some things do have more depth than others.

Man #2: If you locked people in a box for a year with 500 still frames of Joe Biden eating a sandwich, by the end they’d be adamant that some were great and some were terrible.

Hat man: You’re exaggerating.

Man #2: Oh yeah?

((This panel is below the others, and is indented about a third of the way to the right. It is wide.))


[[A box. Voices emanate from inside.]]

Voice #1: Sure, most closed-mouth frames are boring, but in #415, the way the man’s jaw frames the mayo on his hand is pure perfection, and–

Voice #2: What a surprise-


praising a mayo frame. Listening to you, I’d think there was nothing else in The Sandwich. – Frankly, the light hitting J.B.’s collar through the lettuce would put #242 in my top ten even if he had


may on his hand at