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June 13, 2011

#911: Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus

[[A girl sits at a desk in a classroom, and the teacher stands before her. The teacher has a blue dress and blonde hair piled on her head in a bun. The girl raises her hand, the teacher raises both arms above her head, a pointer in one hand.]]

Girl: Ms. Frizzle, how do batteries work?

Ms. Frizzle: To the bus!

[[Ms. Frizzle and the children are shown getting onto the bus.]]

((This panel is larger than the other three, and is set behind them.))

[[The bus, with Ms. Frizzle at the helm and a child’s face in every window, soars through a rainbow void filled with a giant amoeba, a rocket, a big gear, a planet with rings, and a Feynman diagram.]]

[[The bus is parked, and the occupants have gotten out. The children stand around Ms. Frizzle, and she stands at a desk with a computer on it, typing.]]