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June 10, 2011

#910: Permanence


((A large panel the combined width of the four panels below it.))

[[A blue Linux terminal installer screen with a grey box that is labeled “[!]CONFIGURE THE NETWORK” in red. Below, in black, it reads “Please enter the hostname for the system.” Below is an empty blue entry box with a cursor and dashed underscore, and below this it says “”.]]

[[A man sits at his computer, a woman stands behind him.]]

Woman: You’ve been staring at that screen a while.

Man: Picking a good server name is important.

[[The woman stares at him.]]

[[She continues to stare.]]

[[The man pushes his chair back, puts one elbow on the back of the chair and points with his other hand at the screen.]]

Woman: And yet you settled on “Caroline” for our daughter in like 15 seconds.

Man: But this is a


– Besides, I had to- you were trying to name her “epidural.”

Woman: Those


good drugs.