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April 27, 2011

#891: Movie Ages

Movie Ages

The 2011 Guide to Making People Feel Old

-Using Movie Release Dates-

[[A chart with 2 columns. First column is labeled ‘Their Age,’ and is numbered 1 through 35 & ‘over 35.’ The second column is labeled ‘You Say’ and is divided into four sub-columns. The first sub-column reads ‘“Did you realize that…’ from 1-35, and the third sub-column says ‘Came Out’ from 1-35.]

Age 16: Snakes on a plane … Half a decade ago?”

17-19: Revenge of the Sith … More than half a decade ago?"

20: Finding Nemo … Eight years ago?"

21-22: Shrek … Ten years ago?"

23-25: The Matrix … Not the last decade, but the one before



26: Toy Story" … Over fifteen years ago?"

27: The Lion King … Seventeen years ago?"

28: Jurassic Park … Eighteen years ago?"

29: Terminator 2 … Twenty years ago?"

30-32: Home Alone … More than twenty years ago?"

33-35" The Little Mermaid … Closer to the moon landing than the present day?

Over 35: “Hey, did you see this chart? You match your age to movie – oh, right, sorry, it only goes up to 35. I guess it’s not really aimed at older people.”