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March 9, 2011

#870: Advertising


Mathematically Annoying Advertising:

[[A ∪ B = {x:x ≤ 15 or x > 15 } = ℝ ]]

[[line graph representing the above equation]]

When discussing real numbers, it is impossible to get more vague than “up to 15% or more”.

[[“FREE*” in large text, with substantial illegible fine print]]

If someone has paid $x to have the word “free” typeset for you and N other people to read, their expected value for the money that will move from you to them is at least $(x


[[graph representing inverse relationship between “amount you spend” on the y axis and “amount you save” on the x axis]]

It would be difficult for the phrase “the more you spend the more you save” to be more wrong.