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March 25, 2011

#877: Beauty


[[Two humans are discussing science. They are interrupted by an off-panel shout.]]

Human: The problem with scientists is that you take the wonder and beauty out of everything by trying to analyze it.

Shout: Dude!

[[A Scientist runs across the panel, carrying a microscope and a slime mold.]]

Scientist: My plasmoidal slime molds have heightened pigment production! Check out that yellow color! That actually makes them zinc-resistatn. Amazing, huh?

[[The slime mold is proferred to the same human who was speaking earlier. The close up hides the Scientist’s face.]]

Human: It looks like dog barf.

Scientist: Hah, yeah! F. Septica is nicknamed “dog vomit slime mold.” Cool, huh? Check out my slides!

[[The scientist has set down the microscope on the floor of the panel, and the slime mold is jiggling.]]

Human: Okay, never mind: What’s wrong with scientists is that you


see wonder and beauty in everything.

Human: Oh God, it’s


Scientist: It wants to hug you! So cute!