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March 23, 2011

#876: Trapped


[[Person is on the phone.]]

Person: Hello? 911? I’m trapped!

Person: It’s dark and I can’t see anything except these two distorted splotches of light!

Person: Help!

[[The 911 operator is in an office, wearing a headset.]]

Operator: Splotches of light? Your … eyeballs?

Person (over phone): I think that’s what they are! There’s meat everywhere!

Operator: … so you’re a brain.

Person (over phone): Yes!

Operator: Yeah, we all are. You’re not trapped. Use your body to walk around and experience reality.

Person: But everything’s just signals in my sensory cortices! How can I be sure they correspond to an external world?!

Operator (over phone): I’m sorry, but we can’t send a search-and-rescue team into Plato’s cave.