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March 14, 2011

#872: Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

[[Woman is sitting in an armchair, reading a book.]]

Woman: Are there eigenvectors in Cinderella?

Man: … no?

Woman: The prince didn’t use them to match the shoe to its owner?

Man: What are you TALKING about?

Woman: Dammit.

[[Flashback. Girl is in bed, mom is sitting on the edge of the bed reading.]]

My mom is one of those people who falls asleep while reading, but keeps talking. She’s a math professor, so she’d start rambling about her work.

Mom: But while the ant gathered food …

Mom: … zzzz …

Mom: … the grasshopper contracted to a point on a manifold that was NOT a 3-sphere …

I’m still not sure which versions are real.


Man: You didn’t notice the drastic subject changes?

Woman: Well, sometimes her versions were better. We loved Inductive White and the (N-1) Dwarfs.

Woman: I guess the LIM x->inf (x) little pigs did get a bit weird toward the end …