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December 12, 2011

#989: Cryogenics


[[Two people, one of which is staring at a smartphone]]

Person 1: Everyone’s carrying sensor-packed, always-connected computers everywhere. That wasn’t true ten years ago.

White Hat Guy: It’s all changing too fast, huh?

Person 1: No, too slowly.

Person 1: There’s so much potential here. These clumsy, poorly-designed toys are nothing compared to what lies ahead.

[[Person 1 climbs into a cryogenic chamber]]

Person 1: That’s why I’ve worked to develop cryogenic freezing. I’m gonna skip forward 30 years and use this stuff when it’s good.

30 years later..

Someone who isn’t Terry: Welcome to the future! Nothing’s changed.

Person 1: What? Why??

[[rows of other people waking up out of their own cryogenic chambers]]

not Terry: When cryogenic freezing was invented, all the engineers who were excited about the future froze themselves. So there’s been no one building anything new.

not Terry: But they’re all waking up now!

Person 1: Sweet! I’m gonna jump forward to see what they do!

Engineer 1: Me too!

Engineer 2: Wait, uh, guys?