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November 30, 2011

#984: Space Launch System

Space Launch System

Person 1: Check out the SLS - 130 tons to orbit. Finally, rockets that improve on the ones we had 40 years ago.

Black Hat Man: Are we getting Nazis to build those ones too?

Person 1, offscreen: What?

Black Hat Man, offscreen: When we first captured von Braun and his team, we had our engineers interview them, then we built the rockets. But our rockets kept exploding

[[von Braun interviewed by a scientist while under guard]]

[[The same scientist in front of a spectacularly exploding rocket]]

Black Hat Man, narrating: Eventually we gave up and had the German teams do it, and they built us the Saturn V moon rocket.

[[The Saturn V gracefully arcing across the night sky]]

Person 1: I’m.. not sure what lesson to take from that.

Black Hat Man: “If you want something done right ,learning from the Nazis isn’t enough. You have to actually put them in charge.

Person 1: That’s a terrible lesson.

Black Hat Man: Then I guess you should get a Nazi to come up with a better one.