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November 28, 2011

#983: Privacy



[[An incredibly libidinous, extremely attractive couple try and enter one person’s dorm room.]]


Other Dorm:

[[The same couple in the other person’s dorm room, where the roommate is sitting at a computer playing an MMO]]

Roommate: I’ll be done tuesday.

Roommate in raid

Library Rare Book Collection:

[[Libidinous couple staring inside the room from outside. Nelson Mandela and other university workers inside the room, looking at some extremely expensive items]]

Occupied by tour for visiting Nelson Mandela

Accelerator Tunnel:

[[Couple stares at a heavy, imposing door denying them entry]]

Sealed while beam is in operation.

Beaver Lodge (stop snickering!):

[[couple attempting to enter an occupied beaver lodge]]

Frozen over for winter to keep out predators; only accessible via underwater entrance.


[[Couple in front of a number of highly advanced physics textbooks]]

Person 1: Are you sure?

Ruled out by current understanding of physics.