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October 31, 2011

#971: Alternative Literature

Alternative Literature

[[Person 1 and 2 stand in front of Person 2’s bookcase. Person 1 flips through a number of them]]

Person 1: All your books are full of blank pages.

Person 2: Not true. That one has some ink on page 78.

[[Person 1 looks at page 78]]

Person 1: A smudge.

Person 2: So?

Person 1: There are no words. You’re not reading. There’s no story there.

Person 2: Maybe not for you. When I look at those books, I think about all kinds of stories.

Person 2: Reading is about more than what’s on the page. Holding a book prompts my mind to enrich itself. Frankly, I suspect the book isn’t even necessary.

Person 2: The whole industry is evil. Greedy publishers and rich authors try to convince us our brains need their words. But I refuse to be a sucker.

Person 1: Who sold you all these blank books?