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October 10, 2011

#962: The Corliss Resolution

The Corliss Resolution

The Fermi Paradox: Planets are so common that life should be too. So where is it?

[[A person with an unusual suit runs.]]

Well, now we know. It’s not that life inevitably destroys itself with war.

[[The person keeps running.]]

It’s just that it takes longer to develop space colonization.

[[The person leaps off a cliff]]

Than it does to invent an activity..

..more fun than survival.

[[Youtube video of the person, with the suit opening up into a wingsuit. As this is youtube, the comments have not been shown. Two people are watching the video offpanel.]]

Person 1: Holy crap.

Person 2: I don’t care how dangerous it is. I have to try it.