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September 22, 2010

#796: Bad Ex

Bad Ex

[[Two people are walking. The first is wearing a white hat.]]

Second person: It just blows my mind. She seemed so genuine. I had no idea she was such a serial liar.

Second person: I just wish I had our six months back.

[[The view focuses on the second person.]]

Second person: Her exes say the same thing happened to them.

Second person: Maybe what we need is a terrible-ex tracking and notification service.

[[The second person turns, thoughtfully.]]

First person: But after all the problems with sex offender registries, who would agree to run it?

Second person: Maybe one of the state governments more willing to experiment could try it out…


[[Two people are sitting at a table, on which sit wine glasses and plates. One has glasses and a goatee, and the other has long hair. A person approaches them carrying a clipboard and a license.]]

License person: Excuse me, ma’am.

Long hair person: Yes?

License person: This man is known to the state of California to be a total douchebag.