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August 30, 2010

#786: Exoplanets


[[Beret man runs into the room, someone is in bed under the covers.]]

Beret man: Wake up! — Wake up!

Bed man: What is it?

[[Beret man stands talking to person still hiding under covers.]]

Beret man: We’re alive during the time when they’re first discovering other planetary systems! They’re finding them as fast as they can build new instruments to look for them!

[[Dramatic shot of just Beret man.]]

Beret man: And if one of Earth’s cultures advances its space program enough to start enriching uranium on asteroids, we’ll lose the main barrier to restarting Project Orion and building nuke-riding City-ships!

[[Beret man bends down to eye level with person in bed, who is peaking his face out from the covers.]]

Beret man: The only known technology capable of fast interstellar travel could be operational within just a few generations, and we’re discovering all these destinations to pick from! – Come


Bed man: Can I hit “snooze”?

Beret man: Okay, but

just once!