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August 23, 2010

#783: I Don't Want Directions

I Don't Want Directions

[[Full body shot of man on phone.]]

Man: Looking forward to seeing your new place! What’s the address? – Mm hmm. Yes, I’m taking 495. But I have a GPS, so I really just need the street address.

[[Close up.]]

Man: …then south on 18, okay, but I have a GPS, so if you just want to skip to the street address, I can…

[[Full body shot, facing other direction.]]

Man: Thanks, I’m glad to know Highland Road comes a mile after the big intersection, but I keep saying I

have a GPS,

can you tell me the street address? … Technically that’s just more information on how to get to your place, not the address itself. If you could–

[[Close up again, man writing on pad.]]

Man: …I appreciate that you want to help, but I’m


you and just waiting for the… Listen, I just remembered I need to mail you a letter. What’s your address? – Mhm… okay… Great, Thanks! I’ll see you in an hour!