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June 7, 2010

#750: Book Burning

Book Burning

[[A man holds a book aloft, displaying it to his two acquaintances.]]

Man: This book is full of heresy!

Acquaintance: Let’s hold a book burning!

[[They confer more, then one acquaintance runs off.]]

Man: I only have one copy.

Acquaintance #1: I guess we could buy more.

Acquaintance #2: I’ll look online.

[[A screenshot from an online retailer’s page displays pricing for the hardcover ($17.99) and Kindle ($9.99) editions of the mentioned book.]]

[[The front page of a newspaper, titled “News”, is shown above the fold. The first article’s headline reads “Eight dead from toxic fume inhalation” and a picture is shown depicting three bodies strewn around a massive plume of tar-black smoke.]]