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May 7, 2010

#737: Yogurt


[[A person is holding a cup at arm’s length. Waves of stink are rising from it.]]

Person 1: Oh God, how old is this yogurt in your fridge?

[[Someone speaks from off-panel.]]

Person 2: What’s hte expiration date?

[[The first person holds up the cup to look at the bottom.]]

Person 1: May 12th, but there’s no year.

[[From off-panel again.]]

It’s May 7th. So it’s fine.

[[Now the second person is on panel, and the first speaks from off-panel. The second person is sitting down working on a laptop.]]

Person 1:I’m not sure. When it was packaged, was civilization using the Gregorian or Julian calendar?

Person 2: Okay, I’ll throw it out.

Person 1: No, it might still be good!