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May 14, 2010

#740: The Tell-Tale Beat

The Tell-Tale Beat

((The three panels show portions of a single scene. Although the characters are still stick figures, the artwork style is heavily crosshatched and shaded.))

[[In the first panel there is a desk with monitor on it, and a painting of a woman above that. Next to it is a bookshelf.]]

Ever since I murdered Daft Punk

[[There is a fireplace, with no fire. A rug lies before it. At the left end of the mantelpiece are two bottles, one tall, one round. Another photograph of a woman is in a frame at the right end. The bookshelf continues from the previous panel.]]

And hid their bodies beneath the floorboards,

I’ve been haunted

[[The narrator is clutching his head and leaning forward. A grandfather clock is behind him, next to a doorway. Above the doorway is a pallid bust of Pallas.]]

By this pounding.

((White text on black.))




{{Title text: You fancy me mad. Could a madman have outsmarted the greatest electronica

techno artists of our era? Next to fall will be Roderick Usher’s house

trance band.}}