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March 17, 2010

#715: Numbers


Google Result for Various Phrases:

{{Each panel is a scatterplot of the described X against the number of Google hits, with trend lines. The scales vary.}}

Bottles of Beer on the Wall

[[There are peaks at 1, 49, 73, and 99. A dip in the middle is marked “They lose steam at 66.” After 99 is a steep dropoff. The largest peak is around 100,000 hits.]]

I’ve Had Boy


[[Both lines descend at roughly the same rate from 1 to 10, although the boyfriend graph is smoother; the girlfriend graph has a small peak at 4 and a small dip at 6. The peaks are between 100,000 and 1,000,000 hits.]]

I’m in st



th Grade

[[The curve is a bell peaking at 7th grade and about 500,000 hits. A second line labeled “Including Junior, Senior, etc.” follows the bell curve until the peak, then dips only slightly for 10th grade and resumes climbing.]]

I Have a

an -Inch Penis

[[The line ascends shallowly from 100,000 hits for 3 inches to a peak of 180,000 for 9 inches, then descends steeply to 20,000 for 13 inches.]]

I’m a

an -Cup

[[A has a few hundred thousand hits; the graph dips to a few thousand for C, peaks again around 100,000 for E, and then tails off.]]

I’m and Have Never Had a Boyfriend

[[The graph is mostly a simple bell, starting and ending around 300,000 hits for 13 or 21, but there is a sharp peak of 700,000 at 18 (well above the trend line).]]

Drink Glasses of Water a Day

[[There are barely any hits below 4 or above 12; between the two it rises steeply to about 1,000 hits, with a steep, narrow peak of 10,000 at 8.]]

There Are Lights

[[The graph descends smoothly from several hundred thousand hits for 1 to about 10,000 for 10, except for a peak of about 1,000,000 for 4.]]

I Got Problems

[[The plot is extremely jagged, with the largest peak of 10,000,000 hits at 99, another of 10,000 at 96, and 100 and 88.]]

My IQ Is

[[A smooth curve starts and ends at a few thousand hits for around 85 and around 170, with the peak at several tens of thousands for 140, but there are several prominent outliers: 100, 110, 133, and 142 are all around 100,000 hits, and 147 is around 1,000,000.]]