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February 24, 2010

#706: Freedom


[[Two men face each other, conversing.]]

First Man: Sometimes I’m shocked to realize how many options I have.

Second Man: Oh?

[[First Man shakes his fist.]]

First Man: Like, at any moment in any conversation, I could just punch the person I was talking to, and all these potentially life-changing events would unfold.

[[The two men converse.]]

First Man: It’s only my mental rules that stop me from punching you, or stripping naked, or getting on a plane to Fiji. Sure, rules have reasons. But shouldn’t you exercise that freedom at least once before you did?


[[First man is knocked down on the ground, dazed and bruised.]]

First Man: Okay, I should have seen that coming.

Second Man: But you


! That’s the beauty!