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February 19, 2010

#704: Principle of Explosion

Principle of Explosion

[[Two men appear, conversing with one another]]

First Man: If you assume contradictory axioms, you can derive anything. It’s called the Principle of Explosion.

Second Man: ANYTHING? Lemme try.

[[The second man writes on a piece of paper on a counter.]]

[[The two men appear again, the second man holding his paper and a mobile phone.]]

Second Man: Hey, you’re right! I started with P∧¬P and derived your mom’s phone number!

First Man: That’s not how that works.

[[The first man holds the piece of paper, while the second man is now talking on the mobile phone.]]

Second Man: Mrs. Lenhart?

First Man: Wait, this IS her number! How–

Second Man: Hi, I’m a friend of–why, yes, I AM free tonight!

First Man: MOM!

Second Man: No, box wine sounds lovely!