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December 6, 2010

#830: Genetic Analysis

Genetic Analysis

[[A man stands next to a woman holding a clipboard, she gestures to a comfy-looking chair.]]

Man: Did my genetic tests come back?

Woman: Yeah. Sit down.

Man: Is it bad news? What are my risk factors?

[[The man is now sitting in the chair awaiting her answer. The woman looks down at the clipboard.]]

Woman: We can’t be sure about this, but we’ve analyzed genes on several of your chromosomes and it’s ard to avoid the conclusion:

[[The woman puts down the clipboard and looks at the man as she delivers her news. The man puts his hands to his face in dismay.]]

Woman: At some point, your parents had sex.

Man: Oh God!

Woman: Stay calm! It’s possible it was just once!

Man: I… I need to be alone.