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December 3, 2010

#829: Arsenic-Based Life

Arsenic-Based Life

[[Three people, two women and a man, stand looking at a laptop screen, which is sitting on a desk. The woman with a ponytail is pointing at the screen.]]

Ponytail girl: Our arsenic-based DNA discovery is cool, but these reporters are expecting life on Titan! Our press conference will be such a letdown!

[[Ponytail girl turns around to face the other girl.]]

Ponytail: Okay, we need to make it more exciting for them. How do you make an event entertaining?

Girl #2: Dunno, I suck at parties. Music, I guess?

[[Ponytail girl turns back around and leans over to start typing on the computer, while the other two look on. The other girl puts her hand to her chin.]]

Ponytail: WikiHow says you can “serve cocktails and hors d’oerves that fit the theme of your event.”

Girl #2: Easy enough!

[[Ponytail girl stands at a podium on a stage, the man stands amongst the audience with a tray. All the audience members are either dead or dying, having fallen onto the floor or slumped over in their seats.]]