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December 27, 2010

#839: Explorers


[[A black bishop, Ba3, and a white knight, Nc3, are on a three by three chessboard. Both are on white squares. There is a heap of supplies at b2, also a white square. The chessboard is mounted on rockets and appears to be flying through the air.]]

Ba3: Mission Control, come in. This is Ba3 on the capsule calling Ke5 on the home board. We’re on track and approaching the Coast of Catan. Our ETA is –

Nc3: Control, this is Nc3. Bishop put all our food in the center so I can’t get it. I demand –

Ba3: Control, knight will get his food back when he stops hopping around bragging about how comfy the black squares are. I swear to God, I’m


close to capturing him and completing the mission alone.