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November 29, 2010

#827: My Business Idea

My Business Idea

[[A man is sitting at his desk, pointing at his laptop.]]

Man: Dude! I had this idea like five years ago, and some company just got rich doing it! – I want my cut.

[[The man starts typing.]]

Person off-screen: That’s not how it works.

Man: Sure it is. I’m applying for my share now.

Person: Wait, what?

[[A browser window with the title ‘Department of Ideas’. It has a series of text boxes:

Date you had the idea:

“Like five years ago.”

Proof you had it:

“I told my friend Mike – you can ask him! I was all “you know what would make a great business idea? and he…”

Their profit so far:


Share you deserve (be fair!): ((drop-down))




Mailing address:

“137 Ash Tree Ln”

[[Man still at the laptop, above him is a SUBMIT button, and it shows a pointing hand cursor.]]


((Last panel set slightly lower than the rest.))

[[The man is in front of an open box, with cash in his hand. A FedEx delivery guy is on the other side of the box with his little electronic signing thing.]]