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November 24, 2010

#824: Guest Week: Bill Amend (FoxTrot)

Guest Week: Bill Amend (FoxTrot)

[[Jason from FoxTrot is sitting at an artist’s desk with a pencil, holding a phone.]]

Jason: Hi, Mr. Munroe? I have a great idea! Let me draw some strips for you!

Mr. Munroe, through the telephone: Fat chance, kid.

Jason: Sudo let me draw some strips for you.

((There follow three strips. These will be separated by double new lines.))

[[A man and woman are looking at each other.]]

Man: I find you more attractive than usual.

Woman: You do? Is it my new haircut?

Man: Actually, I think it’s all the weight you’ve been putting on. Your gravitational pull is pretty severe.

[[The man is now alone in the panel.]]

Man: Just sayin!

[[Two people are in a living room. The woman is looking through a chest of drawers.]]

At home with the Heisenbergs.

Mrs. Heisenberg: I can’t find my car keys.

Mr. Heisenberg: You probably know too much about their momentum.

[[A man is standing on a stage, holding up a hammer. A crowd is in front of the stage.]]

Why mathematicians should run for Congress

Man: All those in favor of the bill say “aye.”

Audience member #1: Aye.

Audience member #2: Aye.

Audience member #3: {{Square root symbol}} -1.