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November 22, 2010

#822: Guest Week: Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)

Guest Week: Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)

((This comic was written by Jeph Jacques, and follows the vertical panel style typical of Questionable Content. The art is more in the xkcd style, with stick figures.))

[[A girl is sitting on a bench, reading a book. There is a tree. Far away, a guy has a backpack on.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: There she is. The most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen.

[[The focus is on the girl on the bench.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: Every day you take this route to class, she’s sitting on that bench, reading.

[[It goes even closer to her face.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: You’d introduce yourself, but you wouldn’t know what to say. Besides, she’s way out of your league.

[[Back to the full panel.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: What chance could an average guy like you have with such a radiant -

Girl’s thought bubble: Hey.

[[The girl looks up at her thought bubble with a question over her head.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: E-Excuse me?

Girl’s thought bubble: I said hey. You come by here a lot.

[[The girl looks over at the guy, who is scratching his head at his thought bubble.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: Oh, uh, yeah. On the way to class.

Girl’s thought bubble: Wanna skip class and go get a coffee?

[[The guy is pondering what’s happening.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: Sure, I’d - I’d like that a lot.

Girl’s thought bubble: Great, let’s ditch these losers.

Girl: Hey!

[[The thought bubbles are behind the guy now, moving away.]]

Guy’s thought bubble: Man, I gotta tell you, I’m SICK of being that guy’s internal monologue! So whiny!

Girl’s thought bubble: Seriously! I swear, he and Little Miss Daddy Issues over there were made for each other.

[[The two look at each other silently.]]