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November 17, 2010

#820: Five-Minute Comics: Part 2

Five-Minute Comics: Part 2

Because of a family illness, instead of regular comics, this week I’ll be sharing some strips that I drew as part of a game I played with friends. Each comic had to be written and drawn in five minutes.

-- Randall

((A series of comics are arrayed haphazardly. They will be tackled top to bottom, left to right, approximately. Strips will be separated by two new lines.))

[[A ninja is hiding under a diving board as a man runs along it.]]

[[The man jumps on the end of the board and hits the ninja in the head, knocking him into the pool.]]

[[The ninja floats in the water. A bullet passes through the man’s head.]]


[[The man is lying bleeding on the diving board, the ninja is still unconscious on the pool.]]

[[A sniper is at the top of a hill. The sign in front of the hill says “Grassy Knoll”.]]

[[Someone is pointing at the diagram of the previous panel.]]

Off-panel voice: Wait, so


does this have to do with 9

11, again?

Person: I





[[A man is studying a woman.]]

Man: You look different.

Man: You have this… glow about you.

[[They stare in silence.]]

[[A baby falls out of the woman.]]


Woman: Cogito ergo cogito.

Off-panel voice: Playing it safe, huh?

[[Two ghosts are standing in front of a woman at a door, each carrying a bag. They are children dressed up.]]

Children: Trick or treat!

[[The woman doesn’t move.]]

Child: Um hi. Why are you just standing there?

Other Child: Candy?

[[Another silent panel as the children stare up at the woman.]]

[[The second child looks in their bag.]]

Other Child: Oh God, my bag of candy.

Other Child: It’s filling with blood.

Child: We should go.

[[A jet is flying across the panel.]]

Pilot: Bail out! Bail out! Bail out!

[[The pilot and copilot have buckets, and are bailing water out of the cockpit.]]

The following is a dramatization of real events.

[[A person is at a counter, with several jars.]]

Person: AAAAAAAAAAAAA I’m making a sandwich! AAAAAAAAAA!

[[Two people are carrying lightsabers and wearing robes.]]

Person: Oh God. My eyes won’t focus right! And your robe looks… really dirty!

My blacklightsaber was not a success.

[[A person is standing.]]

Person: Ladies and gentlemen of the jury.

Off-screen voice: It seems we happen to be all ladies, actually.

Person: … in that case, this defense is going to appear extremely ill-advised.

[[Darth Vader is sitting between two people, at a table.]]

Person: Your sad devotion to that ancient religion hasn’t hleped you conjur up the stolen data tapes, or given you –

Darth Vader:


Wicca is a legitimate belief system!

[[Darth Vader is drawing a pentagram on the table.]]

Person: What are you –

Darth Vader: Putting a hex on your family.