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November 12, 2010

#818: Illness


Randall: Hey, everyone–

Randall: As I mentioned on the blag, I’m going through a rough time right now. I’m dealing with a serious family illness and it’s become pretty overwhelming.

Randall: We’re still getting a handle on everything, and I appreciate your patience while we figure it all out.

Randall: Thank you to everyone who wrote in with kind wishes and words of support. They’ve been passed on and meant a lot.

Randall: I like drawing, and might find time for it in the coming weeks, but I’m not going to push myself to stick to a schedule.

Randall: However, between my stacks of notebooks, scanner, and supportive sysadmin, I should at least have something interesting to share with yyou in this space each M



Randall: <3