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October 4, 2010

#801: Golden Hammer

Golden Hammer

[[A man with a black hat is going through a door, a bottle in his hand. A voice speaks to him from off panel.]]

Person: Seriously? This thing runs


? It’s single-purpose hardware!

[[The person is sitting at a computer, holding some device which is wired to a box, and pointing at the screen.]]

Person: I bet they actually hired someone to spend six months porting this JVM so they could write their 20 lines of code in a familiar setting.

[[The man with a black hat has a pair of bolt cutters in the hand that had been obscured in the first panel.]]

Black hat guy: Well, you know what they say – when all you have is a pair of bolt cutters and a bottle of vodka, everything looks like the lock on the door of Wolf Blitzer’s boathouse.

Person: I’m glad


had a nice night.