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October 11, 2010

#804: Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving

[[Beret guy stands next to a pumpkin with a picture of a pumpkin carved into it]]

Interlocutor: So what did you-

BeretGuy: I carved a pumpkin!

Interlocutor: …

[[Black hat guy stands next to a pumpkin and a box labeled “Nitro-glycerin. Do not shake.”]]

Interlocutor: Taking on teen vandals, I see.

HatGuy: Heavens, No. My pumpkin simply has chest pains. In fact, I’ll leave a note


them not to smash it.

[[Long-haired stick figure stands next to a jack-o’lantern]]

HairFigure: My pumpkin’s name is Harold. He just realized that all the time he used to spend daydreaming, he now spends worrying. He’ll try to distract himself later with holiday traditions, but it won’t work.

[[Generic stick figure stands next to two pumpkins and a knife]]

StickFigure: I carved and carved, and the next thing I knew I had



Interlocutor: I


you not to take the axiom of choice.