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January 27, 2010

#694: Retro Virus

Retro Virus

[[Dude is using a computer.]]

Dude: Argh, this is frustrating.

Friend (off-panel): What?

Dude: This windows box has a virus and I can’t get regedit to–

Friend (off-panel): Haha, cleaning viruses? Man, what a blast from the past!

Friend: Check it out! Dude’s cleaning win32 viruses! Remember that?

Girl (off-panel): It’s like we’re back in 2003!

Dude (small): Hey, XP’s still the most–

Friend: Did you get the virus from Kazaa?

Girl (with laptop): Guess what I just read on Howard Dean’s Friendster!?

Dude (head in hands): Guys …