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January 25, 2010

#693: Children's Fantasy

Children's Fantasy

[[Kid is sitting on the ground with his chin in his hand.]]

Kid: I’m such a loser–


[[Princess sticks her head through a portal.]]

Princess: Come quickly, young one!

Kid: Holy crap, a portal!

Princess: My kingdom needs you!

[[He falls through.]]


[[We see him on horseback, helmeted wielding a sword. There’s a castle on the horizon and two moons in the sky.]]

[[Kid, with helmet and sword, stands before King, Princess, and another warrior. Princess is holding out a ring.]]

King: You’ve saved our kingdom and found your self-confidence. Now it’s time to return home. Goodbye, young hero!

Princess: Take this ring to remember us!

[[Kid stands alone, holding the ring.]]

Kid: Well, I guess I spend the rest of my life pretending that didn’t happen or knowing that everyone I love suspects I’m crazy.

Kid: This’ll be a fun 70 years.