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January 20, 2010

#691: MicroSD


[[Two figures approach a table]]

Figure 1: Hey, what’s up?

Figure 2: Shhhhh.

Figure 1: Hrm?

Figure 2: There’s a microSD card on your table.

[[A microSD card sits next to an assortment of coins for size reference.]]

Figure 1 (out of panel): So?

Figure 2 (out of panel): I dunno, high storage densities freak me out. A whole aisle of library shelves on something smaller than a dime.

[[The two figures stand near the table, the second figure peering at the coins and card on the table.]]

Figure 2: Libraries are unnerving enough–millions of ideas surrounding you, towering over you. These cards fill me with that same reverence, that same intimidation.

[[The first figure stands alone]]

Figure 2 (out of panel): …that same faint arousal. Maybe I’ll just touch it.

Figure 1: If you lose that card I’m NOT helping you find it.