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January 15, 2010

#689: FIRST Design

FIRST Design

Team Member 1 (out of panel): Wow, this is a much better design.

Team Member 2 (out of panel): Let’s build it.

[[A blue print depicting a robot design for the FIRST competition. It consists of a standard mobile platform, with a pusher blade at the front. Additional parts include an umbrella on top and a trailer unit consisting a telescoping pole with a matchbox and match on top.]]

Referee (out of panel): Go!


[[A FIRST competition field, with teams at opposite ends. Various robots appear on the field, and the team whose design appears above activates their robot.]]

[[The robot’s trailer unit detaches as the telescoping pole begins to extend, and the mobile platform with umbrella rolls forward.]]



[[Telescoping pole extends further.]]


[[Telescoping pole extends further.]]


[[Telescoping pole extends further, approaching a sprinkler head fixture.]]


[[Telescoping pole stops extending, placing the matchbox and match very near the sprinkler head fixture.]]

[[The mobile platform stops moving.]]

[[The umbrella deploys, extending beyond the dimensions of the mobile platform.]]


[[The match box and match are lit beneath the sprinkler head.]]


[[The heat from the match triggers the sprinkler’s valve, and water sprays out of the sprinkler into the room below.]]


[[Water pours from the sprinkler onto the competition field, causing the electrical components of the opposing team’s robotics platform to short and malfunction. The opposing team appears distressed and confused.]]



[[The initial robot, still protected by its umbrella, pushes along the balls toward the goal zone without any difficulty.]]