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January 1, 2010

#683: Science Montage

Science Montage

Movie Science Montage

[[One scientist passes a test tube to another, who’s sitting at a machine. They’re both wearing lab coats and goggles. Lights and screens are shining, and there’s a hamster ball and a Newton’s cradle on a shelf behind them.]]

[[There’s a glowing sample next to a rat in a cage. One of the scientists is holding a glowing implement; she has another rat in her hand and one on her head. The other scientist is on the phone.]]

Caged Rat: Squeak!

[[One of the scientists pulls levers on another machine, which is shooting some kind of ray downwards a a sample.]]

[[The other scientist is operating a machine with a scope, flasks, coils, and bubbles.]]

Scientist (in panel): Paint flecks from the killer’s clothing match an antimatter factory in Belgrade!

Scientist (off panel): Let’s go!

Actual Science Montage

[[Two scientists in lab coats and goggles place a sample into a machine. There’s a clock on the wall.]]

[[Time has passed.]]

Machine: «…whirrrrrr…»

[[Time has passed. One of the scientists has removed his goggles.]]

Machine: «…whirrrr…bing!»

[[They examine the sample.]]

Male Scientist: Okay, we’ve determined there’s neither barium nor radium in this sample.

Female Scientist: Probably.