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September 7, 2009

#633: Blockbuster Mining

Blockbuster Mining

Man: We’ve acquired some new rights, but I’m not sure it’s in the spirit to make it a blockbuster –

Voice: Do it anyway. Take $100 million, hire Michael Bay.

Man: But –

Voice: [[in italics]] NEXT!

[[Panel is inverted, white on black background.]]

Girl: They said if I were captured I should take my own life.

Girl: But I’d just as soon take yours.

[[Girl is pointing two handguns at two men with machine guns.]]


[[Girl explodes off a cliff, carrying a rectangular object and a gun. In the background is a helicopter, some mountains, and the sea.]]

[[Panel is inverted, white and red on black background.

Man: Stop! I’ll talk!

Girl: No, I know everything, this is just for fun.

[[Girl is holding a bloody pipe. Man is tied to a chair. There is blood pooling on the ground under the chair.]]

[[Crosshairs follow a man.]]

Girl: I’ll be watching.

[[The panel is inverted colour, white on black.]]



[[in red]] SPY

[[A bloody spiral notebook, with blood streaks leading from it.]]