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September 4, 2009

#632: Suspicion


[[A man is sitting at a computer, typing.]]

Man: I’ve loved our online chats these past few months, Lisa.

Computer: Me too. I really like you, Rob.

[[The man continues to type.]]

Man: It’s just… now and then you mention products you like, and… I worry.

Computer: What? Honey…

[[The man types.]]

Man: Before this goes any further, I think we should go get tested. You know, together.

Computer: You don’t trust me?

Man: I just want to be sure.

[[A web browser is open.]]

VK Couples Testing

Test ID: 21871138

Waiting…Partner connected.

((A pair of CAPTCHA images))

[You] Library

[Partner] Kittens

Man: Okay, mine says “library”. Yours?

Computer: I… uh…

Man: Oh god.

Computer: I’m more than a spambot! Our love was real!

Man: Goodbye, Lisa.