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September 2, 2009

#631: Anatomy Text

Anatomy Text

Plate 15: Female breast.

[[There is a drawing of a breast, with ‘breast’, ‘areola’, and ’nipple’ labeled.]]

Plate 16: External female genitalia

[[There is a picture of external female genitalia. ’labia majora’, ’labia minora’, ‘clitoris’, ‘urethral opening’, and ‘vagina’ are labeled.]]

Voice #1: HEY!

Plate 17: External male genitalia

[[There is salt, ketchup, and mustard to one side.]]

Voice #2: Shit!

Voice #1: What the hell? You can’t do that in here.

Voice #2: Megan, get off the table!

Voice #2: Grab the tripod!

Plate 18: Erect Penis

[[The picture appears to be at an angle.]]

Voice #1: We’re calling the cops!

Voice #2: RUN!

Voice #1: TGI Friday’s is a family establishment!