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August 7, 2009

#620: Wings


Man: Titan’s gravity is 14% of Earth’s, and its atmosphere 50% denser.

Man: So if you can generate 9% of your body weight in lift, you can fly on Titan.

Man: With wings, a stage harness, a cable, and 91% of my bodyweight in in bricks, I want to test this.

[[There is a heap of materials on the ground. The man is holding a stage harness.]]

[[Large diagram of a bridge. A rope leads through pulleys tied to the bridge. One end goes to the man, one end to a pile of bricks.]]

[[The man is standing with wings attached to his arms.]]

[[The man flaps the wings, and appears to be floating.]]

[[The man glides.]]

Man: It works!

Woman: Except you have two problems.

Man: What?

Woman: You used hot glue on your wing joints and you have friends into Greek mythology.

Man: Huh?

[[Black Hat Guy is standing on the bridge, with a large lamp labeled ‘heat lamp’ attached to a battery.]]

[[The wing segments fall off the man and he tumbles downward.]]