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August 24, 2009

#627: Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Tech Support Cheat Sheet

Narrator: Dear various parents, grandparents, co-workers, and other “not computer people.”

Narrator: We don’t magically know how to do everything in every program. When we help you’ we’re usually just doing this:

[[There is a flowchart there. Numbers are included to improve clarity, and do not appear in the original.]]

Rectangle: Start.

[[go to 1]]

{{1. Diamond}} Find a menu item or button which looks related to what you want to do.

[[I can’t find one - go to 2]]

[[ok - go to 3]]

{{2. Diamond}} Pick one at random.

[[I’ve tried them all - go to 4]]

[[Ok - go to 3]]

{{3. Rectangle}} Click it.

[[go to 5]]

{{4. Rectangle}} Google the name of the program plus a few words related to what you want to do. Follow any instructions.

[[go to 5]]

{{5. Diamond}} Did it work?

[[Yes - go to 8]]

[[No - go to 6]]

{{6. Diamond}} Have you been trying this for over half an hour?

[[Yes - go to 7]]

[[No - go to 1]]

{{7. Rectangle}} Ask someone for help or give up.

[[End of flowchart]]

{{8. Rectangle}} You’re done!

[[End of flowchart]]

Narrator: Please print this flowchart out and tape it near your screen. Congratulations; you’re now the local computer expert!