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August 10, 2009

#621: Superlative


Narrator: He has dreams.

[[Man is gesturing to woman.]]

Man: I was in this weird cross between work and my old house…

Narrator: Which he’ll tell you all about.

Narrator: He can speak French.

Narrator: Or could in high school, anyway.

Narrator: A little.

Man: Man, I knew all these tenses and stuff once.

Narrator: His blog has four posts, all apologies for not posting more.

[[The man is sitting at a desk, typing.]]

Man: Sorry, I’ve been trying to think of stuff to put here.

Narrator: He is

Narrator: The least interesting man in the world.

[[The man is sitting at a table. Two women are paying no attention to him.]]

Man: I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I stick to a glass or two. Any more and I feel sick.