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July 6, 2009

#606: Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge

((A woman is standing. A man sits at a computer.]]

Woman: Where’ve you been all week?

Man: Playing Half-Life 2!

Woman: … that came out in 2004.

Man: I get games on a five-year lag. That way, I never have to buy a high-end system, but get the same steadily-advancing gaming experience as people who do – and at a fraction of the price.

Man: There are no downsides!

Woman: I can think of


Early 2013.

Man: Guys!

Man: The cake is a lie!

[[Musical notes surround an italic line, suggesting the man is singing.]]

Man: This was a triumph.

Man: The cake is a lie!

Woman, Man #2: «Sigh»