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July 31, 2009

#617: Understocked


[[A bearded man with glasses and a police man are swearing at each other on a stoop.]]

[[The bearded man is sitting behind bars.]]

[[The President is standing at a podium with a fancy logo on the front.]]

President: To defuse this misunderstanding, I’ve invited both men to have a beer with me at the white house.

[[The policeman, the bearded man, and the president are in a room with a couch and an oval carpet.]]

[[The president is looking in a cabinet.]]

President: Actually, it seems we’re out of beer.

Voice: Is there anything else?

[[The president sees a bottle of Tequila.]]

[[The Presidential Limo is being driven at high speed. The bearded man and the policeman are standing out of the sunroof. The policeman is waving his hat and holding the bottle of tequila.]]


[[The policeman, the bearded man, and the president are sitting behind bars.]]