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July 24, 2009

#614: Woodpecker


[[A man with a beret and a woman are standing on a boardwalk, leaning on a handrail.]]

Man: A woodpecker!

«Pop pop pop»

Woman: Yup.

[[The woodpecker is banging its head against a tree.]]

Woman: He hatched about this time last year.

«Pop pop pop pop»

[[The woman walks away. The man is still standing at the handrail.]]

Man: … woodpecker?

Man: It’s your birthday!

Man: Did you know?

Man: Did… did nobody tell you?

[[The man stands, looking.]]

[[The man walks away.]]

[[There is a tree.]]

[[The man approaches the tree with a present in a box, tied up with ribbon.]]

[[The man sets the present down at the base of the tree and looks up.]]

[[The man walks away.]]

[[The present is sitting at the bottom of the tree.]]

[[The woodpecker looks down at the present.]]

[[The woodpecker sits on the present.]]

[[The woodpecker pulls on the ribbon tying the present closed.]]

((full width panel))

[[The woodpecker is flying, with an electric drill dangling from its feet, held by the cord.]]