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June 5, 2009

#593: Voynich Manuscript

Voynich Manuscript

[[Weird root vegetables surround a strange script.]]

[[Woman holding up book.]]

Woman: This is the Voynich manuscript – a book, allegedly 500 years old, written in an unrecognized script. It’s some kind of visual encyclopedia of imaginary plants and undeciphered “recipes”.

[[The man opens the book.]]

Woman: It could be a hoax, a lost language, a cipher, an alien text, glossolatia – no one knows.

Man: No one? But it’s obvious.

Woman: … Obvious? Linguists and cryptographers have been stumped for decades.

Man: They forget. Human nature doesn’t change.

Man: Just imagine someone found a book from our time, full of lists, illustrations, tables, and long, dry descriptions of nonexistent worlds written in an invented language. What have they found?

Woman: … Dear Lord. It



500 Years Earlier:

[[Three people are standing around pawns and a die. One is holding a sheet of paper, another is holding a book, the third is holding a scythe.]]

Person #1: Forsooth! I concoct an elixir of courage.

Person #2: Nae! The source booke sayeth that requires some wolfsbane!

Person #3: Your druid doth lose two points.