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June 19, 2009

#599: Apocalypse


[[An apocalyptic scene. Flaming balls rain down on a darkened landscape. The sky is red.]]

Man with beret: The Apocalypse! The skies burn, the seas turn to blood, and the dead walk the Earth!

Man #1: The dead what?

Man with beret: Walk the Earth!

Man #1: I have to go.

[[Man #1 sits down at a table to write. A series of formulas floats above his head.]]



[[Sum for i = 0 to n of i to the power h times 1 over i.]]

[[Square root of 163.]]


[[The man runs with paper and pencil.]]

[[The man goes through a door marked “Math Dep’t”.]]

Man #1: The dead return!

Man #1: Everyone, quick, get your names on here!

[[5 people line up. The first in line is signing the paper.]]

Woman #1: At last.

Man #2: I hope there’s time!

[[Man #1 runs on, holding paper and pencil.]]

[[The man approaches a sign that says “Cemetery”.]]

Voice: Hurrghhh

[[The man approaches a half-open grave, with a dirty man climbing out.]]

[[The man in the grave looks up.]]

Man #1: Paul Erdös?

Paul Erdös: Yes?

Man #1: We need you to sign this.