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June 1, 2009

#591: Troll Slayer

Troll Slayer

[[A website where people can post comments along side pictures.]]

((Next to a picture of a website.)) Hey, let’s troll the fuck out of the Twilight boards.

((Next to a picture of some people)) I’m in. Should be fun.

((Next to a picture of a man with sword and trumpet)) Me too. Signing on now.

((Next to a picture of “LOL”)) Lol angsty teens.

Hours Later:

[[Stephenie Meyer, at a computer.]]

Stephenie Meyer: Hi, it’s Stephenie Meyer. Fine, you don’t like my books. But please leave us alone.

Computer (Nerd): Show us your tits.

Stephenie Meyer: I asked politely. Don’t make me get tough.

[[Pimply nerd at computer.]]

Nerd: And what, call the internet police? You don’t get it, do you? We’ve been trolling for years. We’re all anonymous. There’s nothing you can do to hurt us. We’re the net’s hate machine.

Computer (Stephenie): Okay. Just remember, I gave you a chance. «Disconnected»

Six Months Later

[[A page from a book.]]

Vampires! Book VI

Edward ran a pale hand through his perfect golden-bronze hair, then signed on to 4chan.org, the darkest place on the internet, where all his vampire compatriots spent their time.

Suddenly, there was a loud knock at the door […] swept in […] ing

[[The rest of the page is cut off.]]

Shortly Thereafter:

[[On the same website as the first panel.]]

((Next to a picture of two people hugging)) OMG I love this place it’s so edgy being anonymous.

(next to a picture of “DAWNE”) Whos your favorite vampire

(next to a picture of someone with black hair and shirt) Check out my pic Im so dark just like this site

(Next to a picture of a chess piece) Any Twilight fans in Dallas want to meet a lonely (…)

[[The same nerd at his computer.]]

Nerd: Oh… Oh God.