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May 7, 2009

#580: The Race: Part 4

The Race: Part 4



man and Nathan Fillion are ready on the start line on their electric skateboards]]

Voice off panel: On your mark…

Voice: Get set…

Nathan: Remember episode 11, when I got all naked in that desert?

Voice: Go!

[[Nathan speeds away leaving Randall standing at the start line]]

voice: … I said “Go.”

voice: someone throw some water on him

Randall: Can’t…get it…out of my head…

[[Nathan on walkie talkie, speeding on his skateboard]]

Nathan: He’s right behind me. Kaylee, I’m gonna try a Crazy Ivan.

Kaylee [[on walkie talkie]]: That doesn’t make any sense, Nathan.

Nathan: Trust me.

Kaylee: No, I mean it’s not a skateboard maneuver[sic]. The concept doesn’t even apply to this situation.

Nathan [[via walkie talkie]]: That’s why it just might work!

Kaylee: No, that’s the opposite of true!

Nathan: On my mark, override the remote differential and throw her into a spin.

Kaylee [[via walkie talkie]] okay, but-

Nathan: Mark!


[[Nathan lying injured on the ground next to his skateboard, Randall

Man cruises past]]


[[Nathan, trying to stand up]]

Nathan: I’m down. Tell Summer “The chickens are in the hayloft. Plan Gamma is a go.”

[[Nathan, one foot on skateboard, looking at walkie talkie]]

«mumbling from walkie talkie»

Kaylee: She says, “Plan gamma acknowledged. The meerkats are in the bad.

[[Summer Glau is walking off panel]]

Kaylee [[to walkee talkie]]: So we’re good?

Nathan: Hard to tell with her. Do you see an actual bag of meerkats?

Kaylee: No.

Nathan: Then we’re probably good.


Man screeching to a halt as he sees Summer Glau]]

Randall: Oh! Hi, Miss Glau! I’d love to talk, but Nathan’s back on his feet and catching up.

[[Summer grabs Randalls arm]]


Randall: Wha-

[[Summer kicks Randall in the face whilst pulling his arm towards her, he flies off his skateboard]]

[[Summer walking away as Randall lies crippled on the floor with his sunglasses beside him]]

[[Randall still lying on the floor]]

Randall [[thinking]]: I’ve never been so turned on in my life.